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Physical Therapist - prn

Please inquire via email or fax 757-436-2697

Wellness Programs

We offer the following specialty programs for a fee and these programs do not require a physician referral:

Back to Golf $150 

Having pain with your golf swing? We can help! Our therapists are Level 1 TPI Certified. We focus on biomechanics and how the body is moving thru the golf swing via the use of a specific TPI testing approach. Our hands on PT evaluation will help us customize a specific treatment plan and exercise approach for you and your game.

Running and Orthotic Assessment $150

Perfect for runners who are experiencing pain while running or shortly after running! First, we will perform a brief biomechanical evaluation, test your flexibility and Range of Motion, and assess your core stability - all essential for good running mechanics. Secondly, we will observe you running on the Treadmill to look for ineffiencies and improper foot mechanics. Thirdly, we will discuss our findings with you and establish a plan for follow up care if needed.

Hiring Now:

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